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using iotop to find disk usage hogs






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Workaround and fixes for the current Core Dump Handling vulnerability affected kernels

Workaround and fixes for the current Core Dump Handling vulnerability affected kernels






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Section: User Contributed Perl Documentation (1)
Updated: 2016-02-28
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corelist - a commandline frontend to Module::CoreList  


See Module::CoreList for one.  


   corelist -v
   corelist [-a|-d] <ModuleName> | /<ModuleRegex>/ [<ModuleVersion>] ...
   corelist [-v <PerlVersion>] [ <ModuleName> | /<ModuleRegex>/ ] ...
   corelist [-r <PerlVersion>] ...
   corelist --feature <FeatureName> [<FeatureName>] ...
   corelist --diff PerlVersion PerlVersion
   corelist --upstream <ModuleName>



lists all versions of the given module (or the matching modules, in case you used a module regexp) in the perls Module::CoreList knows about.

    corelist -a Unicode

    Unicode was first released with perl v5.6.2
      v5.6.2     3.0.1
      v5.8.0     3.2.0
      v5.8.1     4.0.0
      v5.8.2     4.0.0
      v5.8.3     4.0.0
      v5.8.4     4.0.1
      v5.8.5     4.0.1
      v5.8.6     4.0.1
      v5.8.7     4.1.0
      v5.8.8     4.1.0
      v5.8.9     5.1.0
      v5.9.0     4.0.0
      v5.9.1     4.0.0
      v5.9.2     4.0.1
      v5.9.3     4.1.0
      v5.9.4     4.1.0
      v5.9.5     5.0.0
      v5.10.0    5.0.0
      v5.10.1    5.1.0
      v5.11.0    5.1.0
      v5.11.1    5.1.0
      v5.11.2    5.1.0
      v5.11.3    5.2.0
      v5.11.4    5.2.0
      v5.11.5    5.2.0
      v5.12.0    5.2.0
      v5.12.1    5.2.0
      v5.12.2    5.2.0
      v5.12.3    5.2.0
      v5.12.4    5.2.0
      v5.13.0    5.2.0
      v5.13.1    5.2.0
      v5.13.2    5.2.0
      v5.13.3    5.2.0
      v5.13.4    5.2.0
      v5.13.5    5.2.0
      v5.13.6    5.2.0
      v5.13.7    6.0.0
      v5.13.8    6.0.0
      v5.13.9    6.0.0
      v5.13.10   6.0.0
      v5.13.11   6.0.0
      v5.14.0    6.0.0
      v5.14.1    6.0.0
      v5.15.0    6.0.0

finds the first perl version where a module has been released by date, and not by version number (as is the default).
Given two versions of perl, this prints a human-readable table of all module changes between the two. The output format may change in the future, and is meant for humans, not programs. For programs, use the Module::CoreList API.
-? or -help
help! help! help! to see more help, try --man.
all of the help
lists all of the perl release versions we got the CoreList for.

If you pass a version argument (value of $], like 5.00503 or 5.008008), you get a list of all the modules and their respective versions. (If you have the "version" module, you can also use new-style version numbers, like 5.8.8.)

In module filtering context, it can be used as Perl version filter.

lists all of the perl releases and when they were released

If you pass a perl version you get the release date for that version only.

--feature, -f
lists the first version bundle of each named feature given
--upstream, -u
Shows if the given module is primarily maintained in perl core or on CPAN and bug tracker URL.

As a special case, if you specify the module name "Unicode", you'll get the version number of the Unicode Character Database bundled with the requested perl versions.  


    $ corelist File::Spec

    File::Spec was first released with perl 5.005

    $ corelist File::Spec 0.83

    File::Spec 0.83 was released with perl 5.007003

    $ corelist File::Spec 0.89

    File::Spec 0.89 was not in CORE (or so I think)

    $ corelist File::Spec::Aliens

    File::Spec::Aliens  was not in CORE (or so I think)

    $ corelist /IPC::Open/

    IPC::Open2 was first released with perl 5

    IPC::Open3 was first released with perl 5

    $ corelist /MANIFEST/i

    ExtUtils::Manifest was first released with perl 5.001

    $ corelist /Template/

    /Template/  has no match in CORE (or so I think)

    $ corelist -v 5.8.8 B

    B                        1.09_01

    $ corelist -v 5.8.8 /^B::/

    B::Asmdata               1.01
    B::Assembler             0.07
    B::Bblock                1.02_01
    B::Bytecode              1.01_01
    B::C                     1.04_01
    B::CC                    1.00_01
    B::Concise               0.66
    B::Debug                 1.02_01
    B::Deparse               0.71
    B::Disassembler          1.05
    B::Lint                  1.03
    B::O                     1.00
    B::Showlex               1.02
    B::Stackobj              1.00
    B::Stash                 1.00
    B::Terse                 1.03_01
    B::Xref                  1.01



Copyright (c) 2002-2007 by D.H. aka PodMaster

Currently maintained by the perl 5 porters <>.

This program is distributed under the same terms as perl itself. See or for more info on that.




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