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using iotop to find disk usage hogs

using iotop to find disk usage hogs






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May 25th. 2007:




why adblockers are bad

Workaround and fixes for the current Core Dump Handling vulnerability affected kernels

Workaround and fixes for the current Core Dump Handling vulnerability affected kernels






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April, 26th. 2006:

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Unix manual pages are gathered into several sections. A section is related to a given topic:
  • section 1: user commands that may be started by everyone
  • section 2: system calls, that is, functions provided by the kernel
  • section 3: subroutines, that is, library functions
  • section 4: devices (files in /dev)
  • section 5: file format descriptions, e.g. /etc/passwd
  • section 6: games
  • section 7: miscellaneous
  • section 8: system administration tools that only root can execute
  • section 9: another (Linux specific) place for kernel routine documentation
  • section l: (deprecated) new documentation, that may be moved to a more appropriate section
  • section n: (deprecated) old documentation, that may be kept for a grace period
  • section o: (deprecated) local documentation referring to this particular system

As two different sections can contain two man pages with the same name, we note manuals as follows: man_page(section). Therefore, crontab(5) identifies the crontab manual from the section 5 (to be opposed to crontab(1)).

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