Step 4:
Now its time to draw the lines marking 10,20,30...100%.
Pick the color with the hex value #fedcc1. Use a 1x1 brush.
First we need the coordinates of the outer pixel of those lines. For those who dont want to enter the sin and cos formula into the calculator can use the following small perl script:
for ($i=0;$i<$maxdegree;$i+=$maxdegree/10)
print sin(($i+$startdegree)/180.0*3.14)*$radius+$centerX," ";
print cos(($i+$startdegree)/180.0*3.14)*$radius+$centerY,"\n";

Modfiy the variables at the beginning if you want to change something.

The script will produce 10 sets of coordinates, which will we will use the following way:

Go to the first coordinate pair, set a pixel.
hold down the shift key and draw a line to the center of the gauge (the cross). Only the outer pixel will be drawn.
Repeat the with the rest of the coordinates.