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Converting unix timestamp to something readable

Sometimes a program/tool prints its time information in unix timestamps. Unix timestamps are the seconds after 01/01/1970.

This is usually unreadable by humans.

To convert this timestamp into something readable, copy the following small script into a searchable path and make it executable.

#!/bin/gawk -f   
{ print strftime("%c", $0); }

Call the tool with the following command:

echo "your timestamp(s)" | scriptname

You'll get an response according to your local timezone.


$ date +%s   
$ echo "1098181096" | convertunixtime   
Tue Oct 19 12:18:16 2004
With this script you can convert multiple timestamps as well (each on one line)
$ echo -e "1098181096\n 1098191096" | convertunixtime
Tue Oct 19 12:18:16 2004
Tue Oct 19 15:04:56 2004

If you only want to convert one timestamp, you can also use date:

% date -d @1098181096

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