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Get information about a specific file

With the following short script you can collect some information about a given file. The script prints out the path, filetype and the library dependencies if the file is a shared library or executable.

Additionally it prints out the package to which the file belongs. Note, the package information query is distribution specific. Information for do this on gentoo and rpm based distributions if given at the end of the script. comment out the block for your distributions' system.

if [ -z "$1" ]; then exit 0; fi 
PLACE=`type -path "$1"` 
if [ -z $PLACE ]; then echo "$1: not found"; exit 1; fi 
echo $PLACE 
ls -l $PLACE 
type=`file $PLACE` 
echo $type 
type2=`echo $type | grep ELF` 
if [ -n "$type2" ]; 
ldd $PLACE 
# for the gentoo distribution (requires gentoolkit) 
# echo -n "file belongs to packet " 
# qpkg -f "$PLACE" 
# for rpm based distribution 
# rpm -q -f "$PLACE" 

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