May, 4th. 2005
Today we start a website redesign contest for the linuxhowtos.org sites.
The glorious prize for the winner will be a "design by abc" stamp on the pages and the winning design on the site :)
Thats not much, but the ads on this site are not generating a lot money. The site costs more than there is income, so no money or goods to offer, sorry.
But if you want to have an internationally visited webdesign reference, this might be your chance.
Average visitors on the linuxhowtos.org domains is ~100 per day from almost every known country on this planet (74 different countries in April).
If you are not from this planet, leave a note and I'll add your planet to the list.

- no animations of any kind (animated gif/flash)
- no copyrighted images unless you are the owner and you'll give permission to use it here

Must have-fields
- Space for one or more banners
- Space for the search box
- Navigation in any form (the used system is very flexible)
- Space for the last modified entries.

Optional fields
- Space for the polls

Submitted information/materials:
- for each contest entry there has to be 1 image (png/jpg format) showing the new home page design, no html needed.
- optionally a second image to show some tooltip design/effect (if used)
- Your name and email-address and a note if you want to have your name/email published with the design
- All submits should go to the following email address: contest at linuxhowtos dot org. Plain text format is preferred (don't forget to add the images as attachment)

The staff from linuxhowtos publishes the design samples in a category on linuxhowtos.org. Starting at June, 1st there will be two weeks where users can vote which they like best. The best 3 designs will be converted into the templates used by this site and will be available with the style selector box, using the winner as default.
The voting will probably done with a username (the ones you'll create on our forum, which is starting soon), to prevent abusive voting pro or contra one entry.