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This is part 2 of a tutorial serial how to make a gage looking like the one on the bottom of this site.

First you have to create the raw image like described in the gimp tutorial on this site.

The program consists of 2 parts, the first one is collecting the information to display (the cpu usage and bandwidth usage), the other part is to make an image with the given values.

Collecting cpu usage and bandwidth will be covered in part 3. We assume, we got our values from a function call.

This dummy function just returns a random value.
int getcpu(int sleeptime)
return (rand()%100);

The value sleeptime is need by the real cpu info function. The sleeptime is the number of seconds between calling the getcpu function.

The getbandwidth function is exactly the same, except the name ;)

The main loop consists of the following functions:
int main(int argc, char*argv[])
while (1)
int cpu = 0;
int bandwidth = 0;
cpu = getcpu();
bandwidth = getbandwidth();

The next function to make is the function MakeImage(). This will be largest part of the next step of this tutorial.

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